Just 101 or fewer words in these stories. Yet a lot happens.

     Five stories from Flashes of Lightning.

Wanda meets 9 men at a speed-dating event. Are any her type?

Read  "Wanda Tries Speed-Dating" at Postcard Shorts.

Uncle Rocco, a known mobster, makes you an offer. Can you refuse?

Read "Handgun Wedding" in the North Coast Journal.

Should you pick up a young woman hitchhiking in the desert?

Read  "Hitchhiker"  in A Quiet Courage.


Great food, moonshine, hugs & laughter. How did things turn sour?

Read "Family Reunion" in Crack The Spine.

​​​​Darwin invites his new neighbor Marilyn for dinner. Oops.  ​​Read "Flounder" in Red Fez Magazine.