​​Where to buy a copy of Flashes of Lightning

​​* In Humboldt County:

Eureka (Old Town): at Booklegger; at Eureka Books

Eureka (Henderson Center): at Pacific Paper

Arcata: at Northtown Books

McKinleyville:  at Blakes' Books.

* From your local bookseller   

* From the publisher, Fithian Press, at (800) 662-8351 or www.danielpublishing.com 

* From online bookstores (e.g., Amazon Books)


​​The wide range of settings for the stories in Flashes of Lightning include a desert, forest, cliff, ocean beach, bayou, funeral home, basement, bar, motel room, churches, counseling session, job interview, yard sale, funeral home, campgrounds, wedding receptions, Ireland, New York City and Paris.

​​​​Neil Tarpey perfoms a story from Flashes of Lightning @ Booklegger in Old Town, Eureka. (Photo courtesy of Stilson Snow)


​Part of the crowd @ Booklegger in Old Town, Eureka, for Neil Tarpey's book reading & signing event. (Photo courtesy of Stilson Snow)

Flashes of Lightning

​​ comprises 52 micro/flash fiction stories--20 of them already published in print or online. These tales primarily focus on addiction, love & death, mystery & murder, coincidence and myth. Famous Humboldt County artist Laura Zerzan Jones has created the cover and 14 spot-on illustrations of characters and stories.


​​"There are a lot of scoundrels in your stories," Mrs. T told Neil. It's true, there are many rascals in Flashes of Lightning, including liars, cheats, adulterers, hit men, murderers, gunslingers, desperadoes, alcoholics and addicts, dysfunctional families, a suspicious sleepwalker and evil faeries. But there's also a wily homicide inspector, two Native American healers, a psychic, a loving ghost, dogs, cats, horses and a skunk.